Multimedia Arts Graduate

Christian King

  • Filmmaking
  • Photography
Christian King

My name is Christian King, and I'm a 22 year old Media Producer. I've always been interested in Media Arts, growing up both my parents were Producers and Journalists, and for that reason alone I knew from a young age that I too wanted to be a creator of some sort.

I started going to school and taking the general education classes, with no real plan - however, I was lucky to be going to Chemeketa at the time that this program was established! I've met many great peers and friends over the last 2 years, had the opportunities to work in very real scenarios while still getting credit for class work, and have overall learned much from the limited time our teachers are able to spend with us. Throughout the last few years, I've also established a working relationship with my good friend Elijah Reiter, and together we do production for local artists under the title Ultima Productions. These are the kind of connections I hope to form, maintain and strengthen after I graduate from this program.

  • Innovative
  • Minimalistic
  • Focused