Graphic Design Graduate

Tim (Tay) Bates

  • layout expert
  • typography
  • illustrator
  • web design
  • print layout
Tim (Tay) Bates

I am a graphic designer with a focus on scanning my work and using it in my designs. Book publishing and layout are among my favorites, and because I'm married to a professional illustrator, a lot of my work has top tier illustrations that I'm incapable of doing.

I'm among the best team-players on the team, and enjoy seeing the project through; from sketches to polished work. I am a painter and artist that involves typesetting with my favorite font: Roboto. I am stoked and excited to learn new aspects of design and explore possibilities. One of my long term goals is to see my art on a wall: printed or hand painted, and I look to see that through.

  • eccentric
  • dedicated
  • adaptable