Multimedia Arts Graduate

Branden Hume

  • Filmmaking
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Photoshop Compositing
  • Motion Graphics
Branden Hume

Branden Hume is a multimedia arts graduate through the Visual Communications program at Chemeketa Community College in Salem Oregon. He lives with his longtime partner Emma and their two dogs Harold and Spencer. Raised in Oregon, Branden enjoys photography, filmmaking and motion graphics, primarily done through the Adobe Creative Suite. Aside from pursuing his degree in the digital arts, Branden aspires to be a jack of all trades and has many other interests including woodworking, drawing, film, tabletop gaming, and creating music. When not working on a project Branden is probably either watching a movie or learning a new craft to add to his arsenal.

  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Particular