Graphic Design Graduate

Elise Merklin

  • illustration, graphic design, print design, editorial design, package design
Elise Merklin

Born and raised in Oregon, my main focus is illustration and logo design, along with editorial design as well. I gather a lot of inspiration from a lot of different areas in my life. Those sources of inspiration mainly stem from the people around me. I greatly value my friends and family and I thank them everyday for their support. I enjoy all levels of design, from the sketch to its finalization, witnessing a design from its birth to its departure into the world is something that is an honor to see, whether I am it's creator or not. I love all print design projects, but I find I am always willing to learn something new. All problems are proposed and answered by design, and I am very humbled to be a small piece in helping find the solution.

  • Designer
  • Illustrator
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